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Pigeon Planner in software resources as a standard programme?

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I am a fond user of this programma because i need it for my pigeons to know which ones have been sitting together and to know who is who in general.

My idea is to put Pigeon planner into the standard software resources, because there will be a lot of people who can look for a programme and have to pay for something that doesn't fit their needs but this programme has it all: and above all it is free for install, but the install is quite complicated as most people are really not computing in their brain and they have not a mind that can take a pc at hand they start to learn to intall a code line-programme: most people can't even install a graphical software guide in windows for instance. So it would be very handy to add this programme to the software repositories that are available in synaptic as a standard and of course in 'sofware installeren' in the standard graphical install-programme in ubuntu...because it is not in these list yet...

thanx in advance
wim pauwels

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I have been thinking about that too. But I never took the time to take all the steps that are needed.

One problem is that you won't have updates of Pigeon Planner unless you update to a new Ubuntu version, and in this stage of development of Pigeon Planner, I don't think that's a good idea. I will probably wait until the program has most features and options that are on my TODO-list.

However, I can create a Launchpad PPA with the package in it. I don't know if you are famiiliar with that, but it is also a software repository you can add, so you can install the programs in it with Synaptic or the Software Center and you will get updates for it in your Update Manager.

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J aimerai savoir avec quel developement vous avez programmé ce super logiciel;de pigeons.
Merci  de bien vouloir me dire quel programm ( VBA, c++ Pascal?????)
encore merci