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New to pigeons and planner.
Having a little trouble getting around the Planner, can't find a how to make entry section.
When adding a new entry a group of boxes are displayed in the top right hand corner.
The three boxes to the immediate right of Colour and Sex are the ones that I'm not sure of (would assume one would be date ?)

Any assistance would be most appreciated.

Offline Timo

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Hmm, you're right that it's not that clear. The top right box is for the bandnumber and below that for the pigeon name.

The second part of the bandnumber has to be a year in the form of 4 digits.

Offline Andrei_Teslariu

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1. I want to use pedigree only with 3 generation, not with 4. Is posible tu set number of generation for display on pedigree?
2. Please insert a pedigree model in program with large field for write details about pigeon. This model, when print a pedigree, show to less details about pigeon.
Thank you!


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Hi Timo, did you iron out those kinks? I'd like to switch to Pigeon Planner if it's become a bit more user friendly.