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After many years and countless request, work has started on building a mobile application. An initial release is now available with the basic usage implemented. At the moment it's not possible to modify anything yet, so the app is read-only and will only display the data.

Give it a test and comment on any bugs or possible improvements.


  • A list of all your pigeons
  • See the details of your pigeons
  • See the pedigree of your pigeons
  • See the relatives of your pigeons


Since it's a read-only app, you'll need your database from the desktop application which contains all pigeons and other data. The path to the database can be found in the database manager. Copy that file to the mobile device and import it in the app.

Known issues

  • The pedigree gets drawn incorrectly sometimes after scaling and changing its settings


During testing the app is distributed by a single apk file. Make sure your security settings allow installation from unknown sources. Select the correct architecture for your device:

armeabi-v7a (32-bit)

arm64-v8a (64-bit)

Future plans

  • Release the app in the Play Store
  • Persist pedigree settings
  • Implement translations
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