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Testing 4.2

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This is an early testrelease for the upcoming 4.2.0 version. The reason is a big change in how pedigrees will be generated and printed. See the highlights for more information.


1. Pedigree print setup

A whole new way how pedigrees are generated for printing. A new window with numerous settings to customise the pedigree. From font sizes and font colours to layout changes and selecting which data to show. All this in one window with a live preview. This is a massive improvement over the few settings in the preferences window, which was cumbersome and limited.

This new feature is accessible through the pedigree window or File=>Print=>Pedigree in the menubar.

Note: This feature is still in heavy development. Feedback is welcome!

2. Database manager redesign

The database manager at startup has had a complete overhaul.

3. Database repair tool

A new tool has been added to repair common errors in the database.


* Added pedigree print setup
* Added option to set default pigeon sort direction
* Change button order in pigeon remove dialog
* Set destructive action in pigeon remove dialog
* Set suggested action in filter dialog
* Removed pedigree print settings in preferences window

4.1.0 to 4.1.1:
* Redesigned database manager
* Added a database repair tool
* Start pigeon search when typing inside the list of pigeons
* Added export option for breeding records
* Various little UI changes
* Various code changes, cleanup and improvement
* Translation updates

Known issues

  • Pedigree print preview might be rendering weird on Windows.


There are no database changes, but make a copy and use that one to test with just in case. Copies can be easily made through the Database Manager at startup.

The testreleases are numbered as 4.1.X and can be found on the download page: https://launchpad.net/pigeonplanner/+download
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