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Pedigree and Race Details

Offline tanveer haider

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we can make a basic pedigree from pigeon planner. but when we see fanciers around the world , they have decent details on their pedigree.
in our pedigree , we have just Extra to add anything special, but Extra is just 6 lines with limited characters.
As we have race record in pigeon planner, I think we may have option to add race details to pedigree. May be not all but system may select Year, Distance and against how much birds etc.

Also it will be great to transform extra from 6 lines to free text to add details.

Thanks for great application.

Offline Timo

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The pedigree is being improved slowly. I agree there's room for improvement. The 6 line limit has its pros and cons, it's probably one of the last things that will change I'm afraid. But it's something that's being considered once in a while.