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On the last version, was two options, Distance calculator, and Speed calculator, using both, you could calculate the distance between your loft and the racepoint, and the distance was saved for the racepoint. With the new version 4.0.0, the Distance calculator was eliminated, but was added the MAP (great feature), now, I add a new racepoint on the map, and the distance is calculated automatically, good; BUT, if I want to calculate the Speed or Arrival time, the "Speed calculator" on their option "FIND" a racepoint, the new racepoint added on MAP don't have saved the distance to the loft, and it can't be saved on the Datamanger... There is a solution for that, or it will be solved on future versions? Thank you!!!
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You're right, I didn't think of that. The old version had too many options for racepoints, at some point you could have 3 stacked dialogs open. So I wanted to put everything racepoint related in one tool (the map). The distance being calculated on the fly is really nice, but I forgot the velocity calculator can request that value. I'll add another field to the add/edit racepoint popup, so you'll have name, latitude, longitude and distance.