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Testing version 4

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It's time to test a major new release again!


1. Update to GTK 3

The GUI framework has been updated. This means that the entire interface has a more modern look and feel. Ranging from the general theme like colours, spacing and padding, to animations. There are way too many small changes to list, but some more major parts to have a look at are: the band entry, the date entry, the pigeon image.

So this time we're not only looking for possible bugs and errors, but also feedback on the new look.

2. Racepoints map

A new tool was added, a racepoints map. This replaces the distance calculator and racepoint manager. This tool contains a map that marks all racepoints and automatically calculates the distance to the home loft. Racepoints can be added here too.

3. Pedigree generations

The pedigree on the main window had a settings icon where the number of shown generations can be changed. From the default 3, to 4. This can be useful on larger screens where there's enough room.

4. Pigeon search

A new pigeon search was added. Click the button on the toolbar (or ctrl+s) to slide down the search entry. Instead of only searching through bandnumbers as before, it's now possible to search through other fields as well.

5. Breeding window

A new window is added that shows all breeding records. Instead of going from pigeon to pigeon, this will show everything available. There are options to sort and filter the entire data. It's very similar to the results window and is opened in the same way: click the breeding tab at the bottom and click the "View all" button.

6. Theme selector (Windows only)

A setting has been added with a choice for two themes. First and default is the theme that comes with GTK called Adwaita. The second one is a Windows 10 theme. Adwaita is a nice, clean and modern theme, but some users might want to have some more consistency with the rest of their system and applications.


Full changelog:
* Updated to GTK 3
* Updated to Python 3
* Added a search bar for pigeons
* Added a racepoints map
* Added indication of available pedigree space in extra boxes
* Added application update dialog
* Added icon to indicate hidden pigeons
* Added option to change number of generations in pedigree tab
* Added placeholders in band entry
* Move band format options to a popover
* Improved error reporting on invalid band entry
* Show zoom icon when hovering over pigeon image
* Show add and remove buttons on image when editing a pigeon
* Changed date entry dialog to a popover
* Show list of pigeons in medication dialog
* Show some extra columns by default in main treeview
* Show message in the statusbar when running a development version
* Removed distance calculator
* Removed racepoint manager
* Improved look for multiple widgets
* Many various UI changes
* Many various code changes

Changes from 3.99.0 to 3.99.1:
* Added window to show and filter all breeding record
* Added a theme selector on Windows
* Fixed incomplete translations on Windows
* Fixed error in rare cases when reporting an error
* Fixed sending report when results import fails
* Improved results import dialog
* Show message about media files in backup dialog
* Remove update check when reporting an error
* Cleaned up unused icons in Windows package
* Updated translations
* More interface changes
* More code changes and updates

Known issues

None at the moment.


There are a bunch of new strings added, so any help from translators is appreciated. You can help over here: https://translations.launchpad.net/pigeonplanner


There are no database changes, but make a copy and use that one to test with just in case. Copies can be easily made through the Database Manager at startup.

The testreleases are numbered as 3.99.X and can be found on the download page: https://launchpad.net/pigeonplanner/+download

(Only Linux and Windows portable for now)
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A new testversion has been uploaded. Check the first post for more information and changes.

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How much longer until you move forward with version 4?

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Very soon. There's very little left to do. Besides that I'm waiting a bit for people to test and submit translations. The testing is quite important as it will reach a lot of people once released and it's really annoying if a problem pops up soon after. Especially since some fundametal stuff has changed for this release.