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Parser in Pigeon planner: what works and what doesn't

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First, sorry for my english writing.
I just happen to try to import results in pigeon planner with .txt files and also with Data Technology Deerlijk shape.
Somehow, it appears that some old files (2009) are working really well, but new ones (2016) are not recognized.
So here is a screenshot with what is working and what is not.
They added the number of participants in the 3rd line (Amateurs or Deelnemers) before the hour of release (LOSTIJD) and i think that it's the point that the python script is not recognizing.

The message from pigeon planner is:

**** File:
B:\Pigeon\R├ęsultats\Resultats 2016\07-02-16 Barcelone\result(1).txt

 **** Parser:
Data Technology-Deerlijk 3.1

 **** Exception:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "pigeonplanner\ui\resultparser.pyo", line 72, in on_parsebutton_clicked
  File "C:\Program Files (x86)\Pigeon Planner\resultparsers\dtd.py", line 77, in parse_file
ValueError: 'LOSTIJD/LACHER' is not in list

I check the code but i'm not a programmer.
I tried two thinks with the original results of Pau 2016:
-First: I delete the deelnemers
The same message appears.
-Second: I delete the deelnemers and i replace the "LOSTIJD" by "LOS TE-LACHER A"
The parser was running well.

So i found a solution but that need a manual change in the original results.
I think it may be possible to add some lines in the original python script in order to skip the number of Amateurs (Deelnemers) and to recognize "LOSTIJD" or "LOS" or "LACHER" or whatever....

I know that future results will be in PDF so i'm not sure if what i'm thinling is of any help...
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