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Testing 2.0 (Important!)

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I just uploaded testing builds for the upcoming 2.0 release. There are lots of code changes, that's why I'm asking for as much testers as possible to make sure no bugs turn up on release.

What's new:
 * Removed the calendar
 * Removed the database tool
 * Removed theme option on Windows
 * Removed the pigeon search dialog
 * Rewrite of the database backend
 * Improved default database schema
 * Split up results into races and results
 * Allow an empty value as place in the results
 * Added new filter dialog for the pigeons
 * Added new filter dialog for the results
 * Added new pedigree layout
 * Added option to search for racepoint distance in the velocity calculator
 * Added icon to the sex combobox
 * Show icon in sex column in the main treeview
 * Localize all float numbers
 * Report missing third-party modules on request instead of startup
 * Fixed wrong date in calendar popup
 * Fixed automated backup string in the options dialog
 * Fixed distance calculation for some formats
 * Fixed broken application icon in Windows Vista and newer
 * Fixed treeview scrolling when using the navigation arrows
 * Various interface changes
 * Lots of code cleanup/reorganisation

There may be not too many visible changes, but a lot of the codebase has been reorganised, cleaned up or changed completely. Especially the database code had a major rewrite, which is the reason for this testing fase.

No, this is not a stupid warning! This version can cause data loss! Before you try it out, make sure you create a backup by going to File=>Backup=>Backup in the Pigeon Planner menu. If something goes wrong, install the previous version and restore the backup.
The first run can take a while longer than normal because the database will be upgraded.

The packages have version 1.99.0 and are located here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/pigeonplanner/files/Unstable/
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Testing is over, the final version has been released.