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    • Sasa Stojanov, Serbia
Regards, the program is good, but I suggest some changes.
I have long used another program, but the developer has no more time to restate for Windows7 or later, and I do not want to watch old computer with Windows 98 keep only due to this program.

Today I propose a correction, and later I will suggest another topic, and how to allow entry of results that would have been possible for all, as many of us can not make entries Results manner that is provided on Pigeon planner.


In program should be added more status, for example:
- injured,
- donated to,
- ex-breeding,
- competitor,
- returned to its owner,
- nanny,

It would be good if the user opens a new status alone, like it opens a color.

I hope you will accept this my suggestion.

greeting, Sasha